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Trusted Parenting Plan Counsel

Family procedures involving children and marriage dissolution are emotional and can be challenging for the whole family. As a lawyer and a mother, I understand the importance of protecting a child’s relationship with both parents while also protecting their welfare and best interests.

At Law Office of Kelly A. Rodenas, PA, I advise Florida parents regarding parenting plans and time sharing to enable them to continue being a part of their children’s lives. We can discuss your options and goals so you can make informed decisions about your parenting plan.

Advocating For Your Child’s Best Interests

Throughout divorce procedures, parents are encouraged to elaborate a parenting plan to determine the child’s residence and how much time they will spend with each parent. My goal is to assist you in drafting a parenting plan based on your child’s best interests while considering your situation and wishes. As we work together on the drafting of your plan, I will help you with decisions such as:

  • The time your child will spend with each parent. For example, a child may spend alternating weeks with each parent. Holidays and vacation time are also included in the plan
  • How each parent will communicate with the child when the child is at the other parent’s residence, for example, through video or phone calls
  • The accepted modes of communication between the parents regarding their child

In my years of helping worried parents like you undergo divorce, I know that matters could quickly escalate to a hostile landscape. I will stand up for you and your child’s rights in a zealous and professional manner and diligently review and consider every aspect of your case.

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