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Could a lack of arguments lead to divorce?

On Behalf of | Jul 25, 2022 | Divorce

If someone is always arguing with their spouse, it is easy for outsiders to assume that they may be moving closer to a divorce. It just seems like they disagree about everything and the relationship is dysfunctional. Friends and family members assume that it has to end soon.

And that certainly may be true in some relationships, but it’s important to note that the opposite can also be true. If the arguments stop, that could be a red flag the divorce is going to happen in the near future. Someone on the outside may think that things are getting better, but the truth could be that the end of the marriage is now inevitable.

Why is this a negative change?

It sounds like this end to the disagreements would be a positive change, but the issue is why those arguments stopped. In some cases, one spouse decides that they are going to file for divorce. They might not bring it up yet, but they know that that’s their plan. They’re checked out of the marriage because they understand that it’s going to end.

As such, they no longer feel like it’s worth the time and energy to engage in these arguments or disagreements. Before, when they thought they would stay married forever, they cared more about influencing what the other person thought or how they acted. They wanted to do what they could to improve the relationship. But if they find out that no amount of improvement is going to be enough, they will generally stop trying.

Remember, even when it means that couples disagree, communication is one of the major aspects of a healthy relationship. People have to be able to talk to each other about things that trouble them, and they even need to be able to argue about these things. If they can’t or will not do it, that typically means that the relationship is not going to last much longer.

Will this be a high-conflict divorce?

If you and your spouse have a history of engaging in all sorts of disagreements and arguments, even if they’ve stopped now, it may mean that you’re in for a high conflict divorce. Make sure that you take the time to carefully consider all of the legal options at your disposal.