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2 reasons for co-parenting after divorce

On Behalf of | Oct 18, 2022 | Parenting Plans

When two adults meet, fall in love and marry, they usually hope they will spend the rest of their lives together till death “do them part.” The sad reality, however, is that a significant number of marriages can end in divorce, which can be devastating to everyone involved.  

However, if you have a child together, one of the most important (and often contentious) subjects you need to deal with is your child’s living arrangements going forward. Maintaining a good relationship with your ex can be difficult. 

Done right, co-parenting can offer the following benefits:

Co-parenting gives the child a sense of security

It is not uncommon for children to feel as if they are to blame for their parents’ divorce. Committing to co-parent regardless of the breakdown of the marriage can demonstrate to your child that they had nothing to do with your divorce after all. Additionally, your child may have an easier time adapting to the new living arrangement knowing that their parents still love and care for them. 

Co-parenting reduces the child’s stress and anxiety levels

Most children go through great deals of stress and anxiety both within and beyond the home, during and after their parents’ divorce. They might worry about which parent they should confide in or discuss different life matters with. 

However, co-parenting allows parents to present a united front while handling issues that touch on the child’s well-being. This can give the child a sense of relief and worry less about what people think about their family. 

Divorce affects kids just as it does adults. They may struggle with the new living arrangement. However, thanks to co-parenting, your child can still benefit from maintaining a healthy relationship with both parents.