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4 reasons people seek divorce

On Behalf of | Oct 4, 2022 | Divorce

Divorce happens all the time. Nearly half of all marriages end, leaving couples to decide how to split assets and discuss child custody agreements.

Why do so many couples end up divorcing? There are a few common causes, some of which might be affecting your marriage right now. Here are the biggest culprits behind marital divides:

1. Lack of intimacy

At the beginning of new relationships, many people act as if their spouse is coupled by their side – where one goes, the other is always there. As relationships turn to marriage, the intimacy can die down and that may cause problems with a spouse looking to stay active.

2. Infidelity issues

Some issues in marriage lead to infidelity. It may be because one spouse has a hidden history of cheating, there was a one-night-fling or their marriage was already in shambles. Infidelity leaves many couples scrambling to know what to do next.

3. Financial difficulties

Some spouses divorce because that’s the best option financially. One spouse may have tons of debts that are affecting the other. Or, a spouse has a spending issue that’s causing a rift in the marriage.

4. Parenting practice differences 

Many people marry with the intent of having children, but raising a child is a whole lot more complex than a marriage. Each parent may have a different parenting style that conflicts with their spouse. Differences in parenting practices can cause some couples to seek other means when raising their child.

If your marriage is taking on water, you may need to reach out for legal help when discussing your options.