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4 common divorce myths

On Behalf of | Apr 24, 2023 | Divorce

Every day, more misinformation about divorce spreads online. Some of it comes from made-up horror stories about divorce and other information comes from misunderstanding the law. 

One way you can combat misinformation about divorce is by debunking common myths:

Myth 1: If you file for divorce first, you lose everything

Truth: One thing that some people fear is that if they file for divorce, then they’re admitting that their marriage didn’t work out. Essentially, they’re saying that they’re at fault for the divorce. As a result, they may believe that they’ll lose their house, car and savings. However, spouses go through a divorce process that determines asset division so that there’s a fair division of assets.

Myth 2: You must have a reason to get a divorce

Truth: Despite what many people add to their wedding vows, marriage can end for more reasons than death. Florida is a no-fault divorce state. What this means is that people don’t have to have a reason to file for divorce.

Myth 3: You can’t get a divorce if you have children

Truth: Some people may be under the assumption that their marriage is bound since they have children. Or, that they can’t seek a divorce until their children are legal adults. However, there’s nothing stopping parents from seeking a divorce. Parents may even find that a divorce is beneficial for their children

Myth 4: You can only make one child custody order

Truth: A divorce that involves children will likely mean that parents need to make a child custody order. A child custody order is typically made early in a divorce. Parents can make new agreements after their first one. However, if parents can’t agree on a new custody arrangement, then the court may need a reasonable cause for any alterations.

You shouldn’t let myths hold you back from seeking a happier, healthier life. You may benefit from understanding your legal rights to divorce.