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Co-parenting when your kids spend summer at camp

On Behalf of | Jun 4, 2024 | Parenting

Co-parenting can be challenging in unusual ways when children are away at camp. Camp time can disrupt the usual routines and communication patterns that co-parents rely on, making it important to plan before kids leave on their adventures and coordinate effectively while they’re gone. 

If you co-parent and your children are headed to camp this summer, you and your co-parent should establish a clear communication plan. Discuss how and when each parent will receive updates about the child’s activities and well-being. Some camps provide regular updates through emails or social media, while others may allow phone calls or letters from the children. Agreeing on a schedule for these updates can help you both stay informed and connected without causing unnecessary stress or confusion.

Other important considerations

You’ll want to ensure that the camp staff has both parents’ contact information and understands any particulars of your co-parenting arrangement that could be relevant to your child’s well-being while at camp. Providing the camp with a copy of any relevant custody agreements can help them navigate any issues that arise and ensure that both parents are equally informed.

You might also need to discuss how you’ll handle any shared co-parenting concerns with your ex while your children are at camp. This might include decisions about finances related to camp fees, handling any issues that arise at camp or managing logistics for drop-off and pick-up. Clear communication about these responsibilities can help to prevent misunderstandings and clarify expectations. 

Ultimately, the goal of co-parenting during camp time is to ensure that your child has a positive and enriching experience. To the extent that you and your ex can, focus on supporting your child’s growth and enjoyment at camp. This may include encouraging the child to share their experiences with both parents and celebrating their achievements and milestones, even if doing so is sometimes a bittersweet experience.