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The ins and outs of Florida time-sharing laws for families

On Behalf of | Jul 9, 2024 | Parenting

In Florida, child custody is known as time-sharing and is a critical component of the parenting plan. Time-sharing schedules detail when children live with and spend time with each parent.

If this is your first time coping with child-related issues in a divorce, you may be wondering what a time-sharing schedule might look like. In Florida, the court will approve several different schedules so long as it serves your child’s best interests.

Factors influencing court time-sharing decisions

Courts consider several factors to ensure that proposed time-sharing arrangements preserve a child’s well-being. Essentially, they like parenting plans that:

  • Minimize disruptions to the child’s routine and daily life
  • Provide security and stability for the child
  • Shield the child from parental conflict
  • Maximize meaningful relationships between the child and each parent

If parents cannot agree on a time-sharing schedule in Florida, the court will step in to establish one.

Types of time-sharing arrangements

Florida recognizes various parenting plans and time-sharing schedules to cater to different family dynamics and needs. Examples include:

  • Equal (50/50) time-sharing is now the default legal standard in Florida but can be challenged (if not in the child’s best interests)
  • Majority/minority schedules giving one parent a greater share when equal time is impractical or not recommended
  • Long-distance plans that may support longer but less frequent child visits with a distant parent
  • Safety-focused parenting time with restricted or supervised visitation if the child’s safety is in question

These plans strive to balance parental involvement with the child’s well-being and safety.

A divorce involving children can be complex by nature. Legal support can provide invaluable guidance, leading to informed decisions that prioritize the well-being of your children.