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Why co-parents should consider a virtual visitation arrangement

On Behalf of | Jun 29, 2023 | Parenting Plans

Virtual visitation, also known as electronic visitation or e-visitation, refers to using technology to facilitate communication and interaction between co-parents and their children when they are physically separated. 

Incorporating virtual visitation into a formal parenting plan or a family’s less formal co-parenting arrangements can offer numerous benefits. 

Enhancing parent-child relationships

Virtual visitation allows co-parents and children to maintain meaningful connections even when they are geographically separated. It provides an opportunity for regular communication, fostering a sense of closeness and involvement in each other’s lives. This is especially valuable in situations where distance or travel restrictions make in-person visits challenging.

This opportunity also offers flexibility in scheduling, allowing co-parents to communicate with their children at times that work best for both parties. This flexibility can promote consistent and frequent contact, contributing to the development and maintenance of strong parent-child relationships.

Through virtual visitation, co-parents can engage in shared activities, such as reading bedtime stories, helping with homework or participating in virtual celebrations. These interactions help co-parents stay actively involved in their children’s lives, promoting emotional bonding and a sense of parental presence, even from a distance.

Promoting stability and routine

Virtual visitation provides children with a sense of stability and routine, as they can maintain regular contact with both parents. This consistency is especially important for children who may struggle with the disruption caused by physical separation or transitions between co-parents’ households. Virtual visitation helps establish a predictable pattern of communication and contact, promoting a sense of security and normalcy.

Virtual visitation can be a valuable tool for co-parents who want to prioritize ongoing communication, stability for their children and co-parenting collaboration, regardless of physical separation. Experienced legal guidance can help you learn more.