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Can you change a child custody schedule?

On Behalf of | Apr 9, 2024 | Divorce

As a parent going through a divorce, you may agree to a child custody schedule. This schedule helps instruct when each parent is responsible for their child.

Custody schedules may need to be altered over time. Here are a few reasons to make changes:

Did you find better work or living conditions?

After a divorce, you may have needed to find better living or work conditions. Unfortunately, the location of your new job or home may be far away from your child’s other parent. A child custody schedule may need to be altered to accommodate the distance between you and your co-parent.

Is your school schedule conflicting with your custody schedule?

If you are currently going through higher education, you may not have control over the times your classes are scheduled. As a result, your school schedule may conflict with your custody schedule. This may mean you need to request a temporarily altered custody schedule.

Are you planning for a vacation?

You may be preparing for a summer or winter vacation. Whether you want to take your child with you or not, this vacation may conflict with a custody schedule. You may need to ask your co-parent to make an exception during your vacation.

Did you develop a medical condition?

You could have developed a medical condition that makes it harder for you to care for your child’s needs. As a result, you may need to alter a custody schedule so that your co-parent has more time with your child.

Did your child’s other parent request a change?

Your child’s other parent may have difficulties of their own that might make it harder for them to uphold their responsibilities. You may agree with them that an altered custody schedule is best for everyone.

Getting legal guidance can help you explore your options if you need to change your child custody schedule.