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How to balance your work-home life as a divorced single parent

On Behalf of | Sep 4, 2023 | Parenting Plans

Life as a parent is a juggling act. As a working parent, there’s a lot that’s expected of you. Much of your time is likely spent trying to balance time with your children, cooking, cleaning and work. As a single parent after divorce, balancing your work-life may seem impossible, but it doesn’t have to be.

There are things you may need to consider when trying to balance the time you spend with your children and the time spent making a living. Here’s what you should consider:

Keep your work schedule in mind when creating a parenting plan

Early on after a divorce, many parents try to create custody schedules. A custody schedule determines when each parent is expected to care for their children. Many parents split days, weeks and months when they’re responsible for their children. 

As you discuss this schedule, you may need to consider working the plans around your job. For example, if you’re expected to work earlier in the day, then you may not want your children around until you return home later. But, if you have a remote job, then your time may be more flexible. 

Pre-plan some activities to do with your children during your parenting time

During the times you spend with your children, you may want to consider doing activities that can create memorable moments for your children. For example, during a weekend when you have your children, you could take them out to see fireworks, go to a museum, hold a picnic or even go hiking. Planning your activities can keep you from feeling like you’re missing out.

Set some time aside to take care of yourself when it’s your co-parent’s turn

During the days when you aren’t responsible for caring for your children, you could remind yourself to spend some “self-care” time. You could spend a day catching up on chores, for example, or go and enjoy a fancy meal – or just take the whole day to browse through a bookstore.

Working out a parenting plan isn’t easy. There are many different things that have to be considered. Experienced legal guidance can make it a lot easier.