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Is mediation required in Florida divorces?

On Behalf of | Dec 7, 2023 | Asset Division, Divorce, Parenting, Parenting Plans

Divorce is a challenging and emotional process, and each state has its own set of rules to guide couples through the legal intricacies. In the state of Florida, mediation is a significant aspect of the divorce process, but the requirements for mediation vary depending on the circumstances.

Voluntary vs. Mandatory

Florida law encourages couples to engage in mediation as a means of resolving disputes related to their divorce. Mediation is a voluntary process in many cases, allowing spouses to collaborate and reach mutually agreeable solutions with the help of a neutral third-party mediator. This approach often proves beneficial because it can reduce the time, costs, and emotional toll associated with litigation.

However, mandatory mediation may come into play in certain Florida counties. Some jurisdictions mandate that divorcing couples attempt mediation before proceeding with a contested court hearing or trial. The goal is to promote amicable resolutions and reduce the burden on the court system. Other jurisdictions in Florida encourage it but do not mandate it, leaving it up to the parties to decide.


While mediation is strongly encouraged, there are exceptions, particularly in cases involving domestic violence or situations where there is an urgent need for court intervention to protect one of the parties or their children. In these instances, the court may waive the mediation requirement to address immediate concerns and ensure the safety of those involved.

Benefits of mediation

Even in the absence of legal requirements, mediation has many advantages. This type of alternative dispute resolution is a private and confidential forum for discussions, allowing couples to maintain control over the outcome of their divorce. Additionally, it can foster better communication and cooperation, which can be especially important when children are involved.

Couples going through a divorce can benefit significantly from mediation, whether it is mandatory or optional, especially if there are children involved. It is important to consider the pros and cons of mediation if you file for divorce in a county where mediation is optional. It may be worth it for your case.

It is also important to remember that in cases where violence is involved, where one party would be scared to speak up, or where a party may be intimidating to the other, mediation may not be the best avenue for solving conflict.