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Parenting time cancelations can negatively affect your kids

On Behalf of | May 12, 2022 | Parenting

Time-sharing arrangements in Florida can be difficult for divorced parents to manage. The obligation to exchange custody with your ex can make even a boring Tuesday afternoon a stressful experience. Little things can pop up that can completely derail your prearranged schedule.

If your ex canceled their parenting time, you may have to cancel your plans or arrange for childcare. Cancelations can cause disputes between parents and can impact the relationship that the children have with their parents.

Who canceled determines what happens next

When your ex chooses to cancel their parenting time for a reason on their end, you may work with them to arrange for make-up time. However, if you cannot work it into your schedule, you do not necessarily have to sacrifice your parenting time to accommodate an ex who has canceled theirs.

On the other hand, if you have to cancel your ex’s parenting time because of something that comes up for you or the children, then they should receive the option of make-up time. Repeated cancelations affect parents and kids’ schedules. They can have a negative effect on the children’s mental health as well. They may internalize that rejection and blame themselves, which can do long-term harm to their self-esteem and parent-child bond.

When cancelations become frequent, then you may need to think about going back to court to update your parenting plan. Filing a modification request so that your custody order actually reflects how often both of you can care for your child can lead to the most effective arrangement for your family after a divorce.