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3 mistakes made when altering a child custody schedule

On Behalf of | Apr 29, 2024 | Parenting

It is not unusual for co-parents to change a child custody schedule over time. These changes could happen, for example, because a parent is moving away, a child or parent has developed a medical condition, a parent’s school or work schedule conflicts with a custody schedule or a child has special needs. A new child custody schedule could benefit both parents and children.

When parents rework a child custody schedule, there are a few issues that parents may overlook. Here are a few mistakes that parents may make as they alter a child custody schedule: 

1. Scheduling over an important event

A very simple mistake that many parents make when altering a child custody schedule is planning over an important event. For instance, a parent may have an important doctor’s appointment or a work meeting that would be difficult to attend if they have custody of their child. This could happen if an event was not added to a calendar or if a parent overlooked the event.

2. Changing the location of a pick-up and drop-off

Parents may request that they have a new pick-up or drop-off location for their child. This could make it easier for parents who have to travel a long distance to see their child. The new location may not be as easy to access as a parent previously though and they may need to travel even more to reach the location.

3. Forgetting to take proper legal steps

Changing a child custody schedule is not as easy as many parents think. Parents often have to take the proper legal steps to alter a schedule in any permanent or significant way by first requesting a modification with a court.

Obtaining an altered custody schedule is not guaranteed, especially if there are conflicts with the other parent. It helps to have legal guidance when you think changes in the custody schedule are warranted.