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2 tips for disciplining your kids when co-parenting

On Behalf of | Feb 1, 2024 | Parenting

You may experience some challenges when your child moves between two homes, especially at the beginning, and one of them is how to discipline them. 

Disciplining kids in a co-parenting setting can result in conflicts – but you and your co-parent can help your kid make good choices. Here are two tips that can help you:

1. Maintain familiar rules as much as possible 

Consider keeping the rules your child observed when you and the other parent were under the same roof. These include bedtime, screen time, diet and so on. Not only can this help your kid cope better with their new life since they will still have a sense of familiarity, but also it can help them view both houses as their home.

This tip is especially crucial for the parent who moves out. While one may want new rules for their home, it can be risky when a child is permitted to do something they are not in the other house. Additionally, it can be confusing for your child to observe contrasting routines or to live with rules in one home and then ruleless in the other. 

2. Agree not to undermine the other parent

You and your co-parent may have different views about matters related to parenting. While this is understandable, it’s vital to agree on discipline. Avoid telling your child the other parent’s discipline choices are invalid, as this can undermine their authority. If you disagree with a disciplinary choice, talk to the other parent to find common ground. Further, if a child is being disciplined in one house, this should continue in the other after the exchange. For example, when a child is grounded at one house, they should not be able to just evade punishment by going to their other parent’s home.

It’s possible to raise a disciplined child after divorce, but an effective parenting plan is essential. Learning more about your legal options can help.